Sam Beckbessinger

Entrepreneur | Author

Sam Beckbessinger is a writer and fintech entrepreneur who’s spent most of the past ten years building tools to help people manage their money better.

Passionate about stories, human behaviour and financial inclusion, Sam combines all three in her quest to help the emerging middle class understand how to take charge of their finances, which she details in her bestselling book, How to Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grownup (Jonathan Ball, February 2018)

Before launching Phantom, Sam was a product manager at 22Seven, specialising in research and AI development to help people to better manage their money, and to better understand our psychology around spending and saving. She has been a Strategy Director at Quirk, a book critic, a children’s book author, and a startup coach.

Sam holds a BA Honours Degree from the University of Cape Town. She also studied Strategy Design at the Gordon Institute of Business Science and was a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow at Yale University in the US, where she got to high-five Barack Obama (true story).
Whilst Sam focuses on personal finance, she also excels in other areas and can talk on a range of subjects.

Sam can cover a variety of subjects

  • Managing money
  • Designing products to change people’s behaviour (especially around health and finance)
  • Gamification, and what corporates can learn from video games to help them design better experiences for their users
  • User Experience design and validating tech products
  • Building Artificial Intelligence Engines

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