Ray de Villiers

Future of money | Future of work

Ray enables businesses to understand how trends like digitisation, FinTech, cheap energy, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and other changing global dynamics influence strategy and leadership in your organisation.

An international speaker and consultant who has presented to an impressive list of global organisations, Ray helps businesses understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in the new world of work. With an engaging story-telling style Ray draws on his experiences around the world – including an extensive period in the Middle East – incorporating broad research and sound, globally-relevant content making him a fresh insightful voice in his space.

Ray’s message will help you engage critical discussion points, whether at strategic, executive, or operational management level. His message goes down equally well as detailed input into a strategic offsite or as a motivational conference keynote.

By joining the dots many of us see, and some we don’t, Ray draws a picture that helps his clients make sense of the changing world around them. Using stories, examples, and well researched content from corporates, academia, social and mainstream media Ray takes you on a journey toward relevance in the new world of work.

At the end of a session with Ray – whether a keynote or more interactive workshop – you will be better positioned to navigate the rapids of the turbulent new world of work in which we all function.

Starting out with a technical high school education, Ray moved on to studying mechanical engineering, afterwards joining the family engineering business for a short while before moving into the IT sector with Dimension Data. He researched the influence of computer games on the corporate workplace while he was studying a Masters in Future Studies at Stellenbosch University. This created a business that built computer game-based simulations for corporates (and killed his masters). Ray is now part of the team of futurists at TomorrowToday Global. Drawing on his diverse background and experience to track trends and understand the implications of this time of disruptive change in which we live.

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