Nick Looby

Communication Specialist | Author

Nick has been delighting audiences for over a decade with his impactful humour, focused observation and his power to inspire action.

What Nick speaks on:

Communication – all aspects but predominantly human to human interaction.  Helping organisations, teams and individuals increase their success at work and beyond by enhancing how they communicate.  Nick helps people ensure their communication gets through in a world where being heard is all but random and mostly futile.

Communication topics include:

  • Communicating to Win
  • Communication Alchemy
  • Surfing the Communication Ocean
  • Walking off the Map

Modern Zombies  – Nick’s take on the evolution of communication and how we are losing the art of human to human interaction and how to turn the tide on this most modern of Armageddon and become more successful than you ever imagined.

Enhanced Thinking and Dynamic Action – an extremely popular talk that explores how we communicate with ourselves and how to adjust this thinking to enable amazing change, development and progress. A blend of mind set, psychology, self-talk and challenge.

Body Language – the secrets of non-verbal communication and the art of mind reading. This topic explores everything we and our audience are doing outside of the verbal range of communication. Designed to enlighten any audience and to give them the edge over their competition.  Incredibly powerful at work, at home and beyond and so much fun too.

Invisible PowerPoint – a ‘show’ that Nick developed a number of years ago to address the ineffective use and reliance on PowerPoint and all of those things that simply do not inspire any audience. A striking wake up call for anyone who fires up the laptop as their go-to presentation option. Nick’s book of the same name was written on the back on the Invisible PowerPoint tour a number of years ago.

Nick has also spoken (and trained) on Customer Service, Time Management and Sales but comes at these subjects from a communication stance.

Always interactive, powerful and entertaining, Nick is not afraid to take his audience on a journey of discovery; playing catch with the entire auditorium, invisible slides, ‘risk’ experiments and juggling with lemons are just some of the ways audiences have been guided to think and act with more passion and purpose.

Nick’s workshops deliver massive value and a measurable return on your investment – he will work with you to maximise each and every interaction you have, at work and beyond to generate more sales, more success and ultimately, more happiness (although this last benefit is more down to you than us).


“Brilliant, concise, energetic, interesting, inspiring.”

“The pace of business change today has never been faster and the competition is global.  Everyone is looking for a technology silver bullet but it’s so often the case of smart computers and dumb companies.  Nick could be your answer.  He totally understands your most important but complex asset, your people, and his technique can unleash their true potential to let engagement and productivity soar”. –  Mervyn Middleby: Head of Technology & Operations, BBC Northern Ireland

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