Michelle Carvill

Social Soul | Author | Educator

Helping leaders, business owners and organisations to ‘get’ social by changing the world one leader at a time. Michelle is a business owner, speaker and author who is quickly becoming the go-to person for Social CEO/leadership and social media strategy and tactics.

It’s safe to say, that thanks to technology, the world we live in today, whether we think it’s for better or not, has significantly changed. In this world, right now, more than 50% of people, including your family, your friends, your customers, your colleagues and your employees, spend 2-3 hours a day on social media. For billions of people around the world it’s their trusted source to connect and communicate. Even though these technologies are now well ingrained within society, there are still hundreds of thousands of people that struggle with this new way of communicating. They struggle to keep up. They know they need to be doing more to get their message out there, to connect with the right audiences. BUT they feel overwhelmed or out of touch. You may be one of them.

Over the years, what Michelle has found, and continues to find, is that most people and organisations simply dive in and get started. They’re keen to make an impact. Build an audience. Get engagement. They want the quick wins, BUT then get disillusioned when those quick wins don’t happen.

The challenge is to do social properly, with purpose. Just as with any other strategic endeavour, the planning, the research, the analysis and the strategic alignment are critical to success. For Michelle, the quote ‘Those that aim for nothing, hit it with remarkable accuracy’ pretty much sums up one of the key problems.

And in this ‘guru’ and ‘expert’ filled space, Michelle is on a no-nonsense mission to educate and support business owners and leaders in how to connect and communicate with relevant audiences. As a strategic marketer for the past 10 years Michelle has spent time understanding how these ‘no longer new’ social technologies can be leveraged for optimum performance.

Michelle has trained and coached literally thousands of people: business owners, communication professionals and leadership teams in some of the largest, and smallest, companies in the world – through her Smart Social Focus Model and also through the work of her own digital marketing agency. Michelle has hands on practical experience and learning of how people, teams and organisations can embrace and optimise these channels effectively. Giving them deep understanding and support, so that they’re fully equipped and informed on ‘how to keep up’ with digital transformation.

Michelle’s true passion is to educate. To help you cut through the noise, reduce the overwhelm and truly ‘Get Social’.

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