Grant Hinds

Youtuber | Speaker | Gamer | TV Presenter | Producer | Animator

Grant is an inspirational South African YouTuber, gamer, TV presenter, producer and animator. He is passionate about what he does and helping others to see and optimise their potential.

Grant has spent the last 10 years working within both traditional and social media identifying ways to increase engagement rates and working on strategies to optimise views. Algorithms are evolving constantly, Grant ensures he keeps abreast of the latest developments so he can offer relevant and practical advice to companies enabling them to  increase their engagement rates across online platforms.

Working as a producer for two of the worlds largest YouTubers ensures Grant stays at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry, ensuring he is always able to pass on the most up to date information for people to take advantage of.

Grant can cover a variety of subjects

  • Should You Start A YouTube Channel?
  • What Does Starting A Channel Entail?
  • Finding Your Fit: The Different Online Genres.
  • How your business can use YouTube to maximise sales
  • Why Digital Video Platforms are Good For Business
  • How to Productively Work With Influencers
  • Most things video technology related

“Grant made this the best day in my five years of working on this event. This is the level of speaker I have wanted to deliver at this show.”

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