Dr Stephen Simpson

Mind Coach | Doctor | Author

Dr. Stephen Simpson is an internationally acclaimed mind coach, hypnotherapist, presenter, author, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. As an inspirational speaker Stephen has delighted audiences of many thousands in Europe, The Americas, Africa, and Asia appearing on the same speaker billings as some of the top names in mind coaching and hypnotherapy, including Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and Dr. Ron Ruden.

As a private mind coach Stephen counts many luminaries from the sporting, gaming, entertainment and business worlds among his clients, including world number one poker legend Chris Moorman. Additionally Stephen works as a Mind Coach on both the PGA European Golf and World Poker Tours, helping star performers find their zone, perform in flow, and gain the winning edge.

Stephen has appeared on the BBC, ITV, Sky, Voice of America, and other top international TV and radio programmes, as well as in the pages of Sunday People, Glamour, Golfing World, The Best You Magazine, WPT Poker and more, sharing his simple, innovative methods for building luck.

Much of Stephens’s work centres on the principles of neuro linguistic programming (NLP), meditation, and leans heavily on the application to real life of the transformational Jungian concepts of synchronicity and the collective unconscious.

As the Regional Medical Director for Chevron for more than 17 years, Dr. Simpson was able to bring his humanitarian initiatives to the forefront, working alongside some of the world’s leading change agents, including President Bill Clinton. During this time he also served as a task force member on the World Economic Forum and Global Business Coalition, helping steer the conversation and affect change for millions.

Stephen says, “For decades I’ve studied the habits, processes and behaviours of “lucky” people who change their life. You know them — maybe you are one. They have the world at their fingertips, with seemingly endless good fortune, good health and immense happiness. Things always fall into place for these luck magnets”.

But in studying these elite thinkers, doers and dreamers, Stephen has discovered one important thing: luck is not random. People are not born lucky. They do not find themselves in lucky situations day after day. More often than not they do not have a leg up on the competition either. What lucky people do have is the ability to ignite the enormous power of their unconscious mind to create optimal opportunities for themselves and others.

Making more luck = more fulfilling relationships, personal and career success, and a happier and healthier life.

Stephen talks on:

  • Luck – this is the foundation of everything Stephen does. He does not believe that luck is random and has written a book “Get Lucky Now” on this subject. This book explains to 7 secrets of attracting more luck into your life.
  • Hypnosis
  • Synchronicity
  • Collective unconscious
  • Confidence- including work from Stephen’s number 1 bestselling audiobook “Zen Hypnosis Confidence”
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Presentation skills
  • Intuition
  • Golf – based around Stephen’s book “Play Magic Golf”, and his work with tour players
  • Poker- drawing content from Stephen’s book “Poker Genius”, and his work with Chris Moorman, the most successful online poker tournament player in history
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Motivation
  • Executive coaching
  • Elite sport- content based around Stephen’s book “The $447 Million Secrets of Sport”

As well as welcoming any speaking engagements Stephen also presents his own seminars and training courses that can be tailored to your needs and objectives.

“One of the fastest rising stars in international personal development.” – Paul McKenna

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