Ben Towers

Entrepreneur | Mentor | Ambassador

Ben is a seasoned speaker, talking on average eight times a month across a range of audiences from students to government ministers, large corporate to SME’s. He even had a question written about him in the 2017 GCSE exams!

Named by Richard Branson as “one of the UKs most exciting entrepreneurs” and still at only 19 years old, Ben carried out a multi-million-pound merger with Zest The Agency and Towers Design thus making one of the largest marketing agencies in Kent. Under contract to carry out the merger, Ben was able to exit the business in September 2017 enabling him to focus more on where his passions lie; public speaking, consultancy, investing and launching his new business, Social Marley.

Ben talks about his journey from ‘bedroom to boardroom’ in an engaging and enthused manner which enables audiences of all ages to get behind him and learn something to takeaway and implement in their own life immediately.

Key achievements

• Number 1 on the Times Super Teen Power List (“The 15 smartest kids on the planet”)
Business Buddy on CBBC show Pocket Money Pitch
• Natwest Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Top of the KM 30 under 30 list
Top 35 of the Richtopia most influential entrepreneurs in the world list
• Verified on all social networks with over 100,000 followers
Dubbed as “one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs” by Sir Richard Branson
Virgin top 5 young entrepreneurs


We’re proud to have Ben as an Ambassador of Young Enterprise and invite him to speak at a number of events, including our flagship annual Company of the Year Awards. Ben is a great advocate for the work of Young Enterprise and an influential millennial voice. His ability to engage and motivate audiences through his humble yet passionate approach is refreshing and testament to the potential of the next generation. – Michael Mercieca, CEO of Young Enterprise

On message, interesting and unique – Wildsmith Productions Limited

The Oxford English dictionary defines an entrepreneur as “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit” Not only did Ben embrace this, at the tender age of 11, but he has run with it making his own enterprise hugely successful by any standards, let alone in one so young. What I also find admirable and exceptional in Ben is his willingness, and enthusiasm, to encourage all, be they young or old, to do exactly what he has done and become an entrepreneur alongside him. He will always find the time to talk to anyone and discuss their ideas and offer help and support. All this on top of running his own business and attending school. – Federation of Small Businesses

Ben’s story

When Ben was 11 years old a family friend challenged him to build them a website. Having had no experience in business or creating websites, Ben set out to learn how to develop a site by using videos on YouTube. Ben was given £50 to say thank you for the work he had done, leading him to look for more ways to build websites for money. At this point, and moving into secondary school, Ben began juggling freelancing and school work. Aged 13, Ben realised he was running a business and set about creating Towers Design.

Initially building websites, Towers Design grew quickly due to his hard-work and perseverance to offer a wider range of services. Ben began to outsource some work to freelancers who could deliver the projects whilst he was at school. With time Ben grew with confidence and began to get a large amount of national press coverage for being young and successful. Ben’s parents, Helen and Trevor, do not come from a background of running their own business so all support and guidance came from online, networking and his gut feeling.

Towers Design began to employ freelancers full time with Ben still working from home. At this time Ben turned his focus more on social media marketing, leading to work on some amazing campaigns for brands like Amazon Echo, Pot Noodle and NHS Give Blood. On finishing his GCSE exams Ben quickly moved the Towers Design team into an office so they could all be together and focus on business growth and clients.

To get around still being in education full-time Ben became the first ever person to employ himself as an apprentice, and even persuaded a bank to give him the first business account in the UK to someone under the age of 18.

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